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Soviet Union (1990) (Defunct)

National Flag: Soviet union (1990) 650557e8f48347c8f979bc2a1bdcf9e555c80ba526ed988e5cb5d4b5107dea17

Sub Region: Eastern Europe

Official Armed Forces Name: Soviet Armed Forces

Defunct since 1991. Database includes Soviet military inventory during the years 1990 - 1991.

General Information

Category Quantity International Ranking
Land Area (km2) 22,402,200.0
Population 293,047,571
Labor Force 0
GDP Nominal (millions of USD) 22,000
GDP PPP (millions of USD) 26,595
GDP Nominal Per Capita (USD) 75
GDP PPP Per Capita (USD) 91
Financial Reserves (millions of USD) 0
Military Personnel  
Active Personnel 4,230,920
Paramilitary Personnel 4,230,920
Military Reservists 0
Military Spending  
Nominal Military Spending (millions of USD) 344,600
PPP Military Spending (millions of USD) 416,574
Nominal Military Spending Per Active Soldier (USD) 81,448
PPP Military Spending Per Active Soldier (USD) 98,460
Roadway Length (km) 1,757,000
Railway Length (km) 147,400
Number of Airports 7,192
Human Development Index (HDI) 0.782
Oil Production (bbl/day) 0
Oil Consumption (bbl/day) 0
Proven Oil Reserves (bbl) 0
Merchant Marine  
Merchant Marine Ship Quantity 2,500
Nuclear Warheads  
Nuclear Warhead Quantity 45,000

Force Branches

Land Forces  
Air Defense Forces Soviet Air Defense Forces (1990)
Airborne Force Soviet Airborne Troops (1990)
Land Based Missile Force Soviet Land Based Missile Force (1990)
Main Army Soviet Army (1990)
Marine Corps Soviet Naval Infantry (1990)
Special Forces Soviet Spetsnaz GRU (1990)
Air Forces  
Army Aviation Soviet Army Aviation (1990)
Main Air Force Soviet Air Forces (1990)
Naval Aviation Soviet Naval Aviation (1990)
Sea Forces  
Main Navy Soviet Navy (1990)

Military Assets

Category Quantity International Ranking
Total Main Battle Tanks 54,000
4th Generation Main Battle Tanks 0
3rd Generation Main Battle Tanks 4,000
2nd Generation Main Battle Tanks 31,000
1st Generation Main Battle Tanks 19,000
Light Tanks 1,000
Armoured Reconnaissance Vehicles 3,500
Armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicles 24,100
Armoured Personnel Carriers 70,000
Self-propelled Howitzers 6,022
Self-propelled Multiple Rocket Launchers 7,979
Self-propelled Mortar Carriers 466
Anti-tank Missile Carriers 0
Self-propelled Anti-tank Guns 0
Self-propelled Anti-ballistic Missile SAM Launchers 0
Self-propelled Long Range SAM Launchers (Limited ABM) 2,400
Self-propelled Medium Range SAM Launchers 1,650
Self-propelled Short Range SAM Launchers 3,110
Self-propelled Anti-aircraft Guns 5,500
Self-propelled Gun/SAM Hybrid Systems 130
Towed Howitzers 17,087
Towed Multiple Rocket Launchers 0
Towed Mortars 0
Recoilless Guns 0
Towed Anti-tank Guns 16,000
Towed Anti-ballistic Missile SAM Launchers 0
Towed Long Range SAM Launchers (Limited ABM) 1,950
Towed Medium Range SAM Launchers 4,800
Towed Short Range SAM Launchers 0
Towed Anti-aircraft Guns 12,000
Towed Anti-aircraft Gun/SAM Hybrid Systems 0
Mobile Ballistic Missile Launchers 0
Silo Based Missiles 0
Total Aircraft 15,283
Total Fighter Aircraft 7,270
5th Generation Fighter Aircraft 0
4th Generation Fighter Aircraft 2,360
3rd Generation Fighter Aircraft 4,610
1st and 2nd Generation Fighter Aircraft 300
Ground Attack Aircraft 340
Strategic Bombers 915
Anti-submarine and Maritime Patrol Aircraft 90
Heavy Transport/Tanker Aircraft 494
Medium Transport/Tanker Aircraft 230
Light Transport/Tanker Aircraft 0
Early Warning Aircraft 40
Military Passenger Aircraft 0
Trainer Aircraft 0
Total Helicopters 4,775
Attack Helicopters 1,428
Non-Attack Helicopters 3,347
Combat Support Aircraft 1,129
Total Navy Displacement (metric tons) 3,525,448
Total Ships 1,332
Aircraft Carriers 7
Battleship/Battlecruisers 3
Cruisers 30
Destroyers 45
Frigates 113
Corvettes 124
Amphibious Assault Ships (LHD/LHAs) 0
Landing Platform/Dock (LPDs) 0
Landing Ship/Dock (LSDs) 3
Tank Landing Ships (LST/LSMs) 39
Landing Crafts 75
Mine Warfare Ships 468
Patrol Ships 425
Total Submarines 266
Ballistic Missile Submarines 66
Nuclear Attack Submarines 131
Conventional Attack Submarines 63
Coastal and Midget Submarines 0


Category Quantity International Ranking
Communications Unknown  
Navigation/Positioning/Time Unknown  
Meteorology/Oceanography Unknown  
Intelligence/Surveillance/Reconnaissance Unknown  
Electronic Intelligence/Signal Intelligence Unknown  
Space Surveillance Unknown  
Early Warning Unknown  

Coast Guard Assets

Category Quantity International Ranking
Large Patrol Ships Unknown  
Medium Patrol Ships Unknown  
Small Patrol Ships Unknown  
Fixed Wing Aircraft Unknown  
Helicopters Unknown  

Ice Breakers

Category Quantity International Ranking
Quantity Unknown  

Database sources: The Military Balance 2018,, CIA World Factbook, as well as other online sources.