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Compare Land Forces

Land Forces

Main Armies Country of Origin
Afghan National Army Afghanistan
Albanian Land Force Albania
Algerian People's National Army Algeria
Angolan Army Angola
Argentine Army Argentina
Armenian Army Armenia
Army of the Ivory Coast Ivory Coast
Australian Army Australia
Austrian Land Forces Austria
Azerbaijani Land Forces Azerbaijan
Bangladesh Army Bangladesh
Belarusian Ground Forces Belarus
Belgian Land Component Belgium
Bolivian Army Bolivia
Bosnia and Herzegovina Ground Forces Bosnia and Herzegovina
Brazilian Army Brazil
British Army United Kingdom
Bulgarian Land Forces Bulgaria
Canadian Army Canada
Chadian ground forces Chad
Chilean Army Chile
Croatian Army Croatia
Cuban Army Cuba
Czech Land Forces Czech Republic
Democratic Republic of the Congo Army Democratic Republic of the Congo
Ecuadorian Army Ecuador
Egyptian Army Egypt
Estonian Land Forces Estonia
Ethiopian Army Ethiopia
Finnish Army Finland
French Army France
General Purpose Force of the Mongolians Mongolia
Georgian Land Forces Georgia
German Army Germany
Ground Forces of the Slovak Republic Slovakia
Hellenic Army Greece
Hungarian Ground Forces Hungary
Indian Army India
Indonesian Army Indonesia
Iranian Ground Force Iran
Iraqi Army Iraq
Islamic State Army Islamic State
Israeli Army Israel
Italian Army Italy
Japan Ground Self-Defense Force Japan
Kazakh Ground Forces Kazakhstan
Kenya Army Kenya
Korean People's Army Ground Force North Korea
Kuwaiti Army Kuwait
Kyrgyz Army Kyrgyzstan
Lao People's Army Laos
Latvian Land Forces Latvia
Lebanese Army Lebanon
Lithuanian Land Force Lithuania
Madagascar Army Madagascar
Malaysian Army Malaysia
Mexican Army Mexico
Myanmar Army Myanmar
National Army of Colombia Colombia
National Army of Guatemala Guatemala
Nepali Army Nepal
New Zealand Army New Zealand
Niger Army Niger
Nigerian Army Nigeria
Norwegian Army Norway
Pakistan Army Pakistan
People's Liberation Army Ground Force China (PRC)
Peruvian Army Peru
Philippine Army Philippines
Polish Land Forces Poland
Portuguese Army Portugal
Qatari Emiri Land Force Qatar
Republic of China Army Taiwan (ROC)
Republic of Korea Army South Korea
Republic of the Congo Army Republic of the Congo
Romanian Land Forces Romania
Royal Army of Oman and Royal Household Oman
Royal Bahraini Army Bahrain
Royal Cambodian Army Cambodia
Royal Danish Army Denmark
Royal Jordanian Army Jordan
Royal Moroccan Army Morocco
Royal Netherlands Army Netherlands
Royal Thai Army Thailand
Russian Ground Forces Russia
Saudi Arabian Army and National Guard Saudi Arabia
Serbian Army Serbia
Singapore Army Singapore
Slovenian Ground Force Slovenia
South African Army South Africa
South Sudanese Army South Sudan
Soviet Army (1990) Soviet Union (1990)
Spanish Army Spain
Sri Lanka Army Sri Lanka
Sudanese Army Sudan
Swedish Army Sweden
Swiss Land Forces Switzerland
Syrian Arab Army Syria
Tajik National Army Tajikistan
Tunisian Army Tunisia
Turkish Land Forces Turkey
Turkmen Ground Forces Turkmenistan
Ugandan Land Forces Uganda
Ukrainian Ground Forces Ukraine
United Arab Emirates Army and Presidential Guard United Arab Emirates
United States Army United States
Uzbekistan Ground Forces Uzbekistan
Venezuelan Army Venezuela
Vietnam People's Ground Forces Vietnam
Yemeni Army Yemen
Zimbabwe National Army Zimbabwe
Marine Corps Country of Origin
32nd Marines Brigade (Greece) Greece
Amphibious Marine Infantry Brigade Command (Turkey) Turkey
Argentine Marines Argentina
Bolivian Marine Corps Bolivia
Brazilian Marine Corps Brazil
Chilean Marine Corps Chile
Colombian Naval Infantry Colombia
Commandos Marine and Fusiliers Marins France
Corps of Royal Marines (RM) United Kingdom
Croatian Naval Infantry Croatia
Cuban Marine Corps Cuba
Ecuadorian Naval Infantry Corps Ecuador
Guatemalan Marine Corps Guatemala
Indian Marine Corps India
Indonesian Marine Corps Indonesia
Iraqi Marine Corps Iraq
Islamic Republic of Iran Navy and Revolutionary Guard Marine Corps Iran
Israeli Naval Commandos Israel
Kenya Marine Corps Kenya
Madagascar Marine Corps Madagascar
Myanmar Naval Infantry Myanmar
Naval Force Protection Battalion (Germany) Germany
Naval Infantry Force (Mexico) Mexico
Naval Patrolmen (Sri Lanka) Sri Lanka
Pakistan Marines Pakistan
People's Liberation Army Marine Corps China (PRC)
Peruvian Naval Infantry Peru
Philippine Marine Corps Philippines
Portuguese Marine Corps Portugal
Republic of China Marine Corps Taiwan (ROC)
Republic of Korea Marine Corps South Korea
Romanian Marine Corps Romania
Royal Cambodian Marine Corps Cambodia
Royal Moroccan Marine Corps Morocco
Royal Netherlands Marine Corps Netherlands
Royal Saudi Marine Corps Saudi Arabia
Royal Thai Marine Corps Thailand
Russian Naval Infantry Russia
San Marco Marine Brigade Italy
Soviet Naval Infantry (1990) Soviet Union (1990)
Spanish Navy Marines Spain
Swedish Amphibious Corps Sweden
Ukrainian Naval Infantry Ukraine
United States Marine Corps United States
Uusimaa Brigade Finland
Venezuelan Marine Corps Venezuela
Vietnam People's Naval Infantry Vietnam
Airborne Forces Country of Origin
10th Brigade (Malaysia) Malaysia
11 Luchtmobiele Brigade (Netherlands) Netherlands
11th Parachute Brigade (France) France
15th Airborne Corps China (PRC)
1st Airborne Brigade (Japan) Japan
1st Airborne Company (Croatia) Croatia
1st Parachute Battalion (Pelantaru) Chile
1st Paracommando Battalion (Bangladesh) Bangladesh
1st Raider/Paratrooper Brigade (Greece) Greece
31st Infantry Regiment (Thailand) Thailand
337th Airborne Battalion (Mongolia) Mongolia
42nd Infantry Paratrooper Brigade (Venezuela) Venezuela
44 Parachute Regiment (South Africa) South Africa
4th Parachute Brigade (Argentina) Argentina
4th Rapid Reaction Brigade (Czech Republic) Czech Republic
55th Parachute Division (Iran) Iran
63rd Paratroop Battalion (Serbia) Serbia
7th Infantry Brigade (Austria) Austria
98th Paratroopers Division (Israel) Israel
Brigada de Fusileros Paracaidistas Mexico
Canadian Airborne Forces Canada
Egyptian Airborne Forces Egypt
Fallskärmsjägarna Sweden
Folgore Parachute Brigade Italy
Hungarian Airborne Forces Hungary
Indian Airborne Forces India
Indonesian Airborne Forces Indonesia
Korean People's Army Airborne Forces North Korea
Light Brigade (Belgium) Belgium
Parachute Infantry Brigade (Brazil) Brazil
Parachute Regiment (United Kingdom) United Kingdom
Parachute Troops School (Portugal) Portugal
Paratrooper Brigade (Spain) Spain
Polish Air Maneuver Forces Poland
Rapid Forces Division (Germany) Germany
Royal Jordanian Airborne Forces Jordan
Russian Airborne Troops Russia
Shree Bhairavnath Battalion 1910 Nepal
Soviet Airborne Troops (1990) Soviet Union (1990)
Sri Lanka Air Force Regiment Sri Lanka
Swiss Airborne Force Switzerland
The Airborne Brigade (Saudi Arabia) Saudi Arabia
Ukrainian Airmobile Forces Ukraine
Utti Jaeger Regiment Finland
XVIII Airborne Corps United States
Air Defense Forces Country of Origin
Afghan National Air Defense Forces Afghanistan
Air Defense Forces of the Ivory Coast Ivory Coast
Albanian Air Defense Forces Albania
Algerian Air Defense Forces Algeria
Angolan Air Defense Forces Angola
Argentine Air Defense Forces Argentina
Armenian Air Defense Forces Armenia
Australian Air Defense Forces Australia
Austrian Air Defense Forces Austria
Azerbaijani Air Defense Forces Azerbaijan
Bangladesh Air Defense Forces Bangladesh
Belarusian Air Defense Forces Belarus
Belgian Air Defense Forces Belgium
Bolivian Air Defense Forces Bolivia
Bosnia and Herzegovina Air Defense Forces Bosnia and Herzegovina
Brazilian Air Defense Forces Brazil
British Air Defense Forces United Kingdom
Bulgarian Air Defense Forces Bulgaria
Canadian Air Defense Forces Canada
Chadian Air Defense Forces Chad
Chilean Air Defense Forces Chile
Colombian Air Defense Forces Colombia
Croatian Air Defense Forces Croatia
Cuban Air Defense Forces Cuba
Czech Republic Air Defense Forces Czech Republic
Democratic Republic of the Congo Air Defense Forces Democratic Republic of the Congo
Ecuadorian Air Defense Forces Ecuador
Egyptian Air Defense Forces Egypt
Estonian Air Defense Forces Estonia
Ethiopian Air Defense Forces Ethiopia
Finnish Air Defense Forces Finland
French Air Defense Forces France
Georgian Air Defense Forces Georgia
German Air Defense Forces Germany
Guatemalan Air Defense Forces Guatemala
Hellenic Air Defense Forces Greece
Hungarian Air Defense Forces Hungary
Indian Air Defense Forces India
Indonesian Air Defense Forces Indonesia
Iraqi Air Defense Forces Iraq
Islamic Republic of Iran Air Defense Forces Iran
Israeli Air Defense Forces Israel
Italian Air Defense Forces Italy
Japan Air Defense Forces Japan
Kazakh Air Defense Forces Kazakhstan
Kenya Air Defense Forces Kenya
Korean People's Air Defense Forces North Korea
Kuwaiti Air Defense Forces Kuwait
Kyrgyz Air Defense Forces Kyrgyzstan
Laosian Air Defense Forces Laos
Latvian Air Defense Forces Latvia
Lebanese Air Defense Forces Lebanon
Lithuanian Air Defense Forces Lithuania
Madagascar Air Defense Forces Madagascar
Malaysian Air Defense Forces Malaysia
Mexican Air Defense Forces Mexico
Mongolian Air Defense Forces Mongolia
Myanmar Air Defense Forces Myanmar
Nepali Air Defense Forces Nepal
New Zealand Air Defense Forces New Zealand
Niger Air Defense Forces Niger
Nigerian Air Defense Forces Nigeria
Norwegian Air Defense Forces Norway
Oman Air Defense Forces Oman
Pakistan Air Defense Forces Pakistan
Panamanian Air Defense Forces Panama
People's Liberation Army Air Defense Forces China (PRC)
Peruvian Air Defense Forces Peru
Philippine Air Defense Forces Philippines
Polish Air Defense Forces Poland
Portuguese Air Defense Forces Portugal
Qatari Emiri Air Defense Forces Qatar
Republic of China Air Defense Forces Taiwan (ROC)
Republic of Korea Air Defense Forces South Korea
Republic of the Congo Air Defense Forces Republic of the Congo
Romanian Air Defense Forces Romania
Royal Bahraini Air Defense Forces Bahrain
Royal Cambodian Air Defense Forces Cambodia
Royal Danish Air Defense Forces Denmark
Royal Jordanian Air Defense Forces Jordan
Royal Moroccan Air Defense Forces Morocco
Royal Netherlands Air Defense Forces Netherlands
Royal Thai Air Defense Forces Thailand
Russian Aerospace Defense Command Russia
Saudi Arabian Air Defense Forces Saudi Arabia
Serbian Air Defense Forces Serbia
Singapore Air Defense Forces Singapore
Slovak Air Defense Forces Slovakia
Slovenian Air Defense Forces Slovenia
South African Air Defense Forces South Africa
South Sudanese Air Defense Forces South Sudan
Soviet Air Defense Forces (1990) Soviet Union (1990)
Spanish Air Defense Forces Spain
Sri Lanka Air Defense Forces Sri Lanka
Sudanese Air Defense Forces Sudan
Swedish Air Defense Forces Sweden
Swiss Air Defense Forces Switzerland
Syrian Arab Air Defense Forces Syria
Tajik National Air Defense Forces Tajikistan
Tunisian Air Defense Forces Tunisia
Turkish Air Defense Forces Turkey
Turkmen Air Defense Forces Turkmenistan
Ugandan Air Defense Forces Uganda
Ukrainian Air Defense Forces Ukraine
United Arab Emirates Air Defense Forces United Arab Emirates
United States Air Defense Forces United States
Uzbekistan Air Defense Forces Uzbekistan
Venezuelan Air Defense Forces Venezuela
Vietnam People's Air Defense Forces Vietnam
Yemeni Air Defense Forces Yemen
Zimbabwe National Air Defense Forces Zimbabwe
Special Forces Country of Origin
102nd Reconnaissance Battalion of General Karel Palecek Czech Republic
391st Commando battalion (Democratic Republic of the Congo) Democratic Republic of the Congo
5th Special Forces Regiment (Slovakia) Slovakia
5th Spetsnaz Brigade (Belarus) Belarus
72nd Special Forces Battalion (Nigeria) Nigeria
911 Special Forces Regiment (Cambodia) Cambodia
Afghan National Army Special Operations Command Afghanistan
Albanian Special Operations Battalion Albania
Algerian Special Forces Algeria
Angolan Special Forces Brigade Angola
Argentine Special Forces Argentina
Armenian Special Forces Armenia
Australian Special Operations Command Australia
Bangladesh Special Forces Bangladesh
Belgian Special Forces Group Belgium
Bolivian Special Forces Bolivia
Brazilian Special Operations Command Brazil
Bulgarian Special Forces Bulgaria
Canadian Special Operations Forces Command Canada
Central Readiness Force (Japan) Japan
Chilean Special Forces Chile
Colombian Special Forces Colombia
Croatian Special Forces Croatia
Ecuadorian Special Forces Ecuador
Egyptian Special Forces Egypt
Estonian Special Operations Force Estonia
Ethiopian Special Forces Ethiopia
Finnish Special Forces Finland
French Special Operations Command France
Georgian Special Forces Brigade Georgia
Guatemalan Special Forces Guatemala
Hellenic Special Forces Command Greece
Hungarian Special Forces Hungary
Indian Special Forces India
Indonesian Special Forces Indonesia
Iraqi Special Operations Forces Iraq
Islamic Republic of Iran Special Forces Iran
Israeli Special Forces Israel
Italian Joint Special Forces Command Italy
Jagdkommando Austria
Kenyan Special Forces Kenya
Kommando Spezialkräfte Germany
Korean People's Special Purpose Forces Command North Korea
Kuwaiti Special Forces Kuwait
Kyrgyz Special Forces Kyrgyzstan
Latvian Special Tasks Unit Latvia
Lebanese Special Forces Lebanon
Malaysian Special Forces Malaysia
Mexican Special Forces Mexico
Nepali Special Forces Nepal
New Zealand Special Air Service New Zealand
Norwegian Special Operations Command Norway
Pakistan Special Forces Pakistan
People's Liberation Army Special Operations Forces China (PRC)
Peruvian Special Forces Peru
Philippine Special Operations Command Philippines
Polish Special Forces Poland
Portuguese Special Forces Portugal
Qatari Emiri Special Forces Qatar
Republic of China Special Forces Taiwan (ROC)
Republic of Korea Army Special Warfare Command South Korea
Romanian Special Forces Romania
Royal Bahraini Special Forces Bahrain
Royal Danish Special Forces Denmark
Royal Jordanian Joint Special Operations Command Jordan
Royal Netherlands Special Forces Netherlands
Royal Oman Special Forces Oman
Royal Thai Special Forces Thailand
Russian Spetsnaz GRU Russia
Särskilda Operationsgruppen Sweden
Saudi Arabian Special Forces Saudi Arabia
Serbian Special Brigade Serbia
Singapore Special Operations Task Force Singapore
Slovenian Special Forces Slovenia
South African Special Forces South Africa
Soviet Spetsnaz GRU (1990) Soviet Union (1990)
Spanish Joint Special Operations Command Spain
Sri Lanka Special Forces Sri Lanka
Sudanese Special Forces Sudan
Swiss Special Forces Command Switzerland
Syrian Special Forces Command Syria
Tunisian Special Forces Tunisia
Turkish Special Forces Command Turkey
Ukrainian Special Forces Ukraine
United Kingdom Special Forces United Kingdom
United States Special Operations Command United States
Venezuelan Special Forces Venezuela
Vietnam People's Special Forces Vietnam
Yemeni Special Forces Yemen
Zimbabwe Special Forces Zimbabwe
Land Based Missile Forces Country of Origin
Afghan National Land Based Missile Force Afghanistan
Albanian Land Based Missile Force Albania
Algerian Land Based Missile Force Algeria
Angolan Land Based Missile Force Angola
Argentine Land Based Missile Force Argentina
Armenian Land Based Missile Force Armenia
Australian Land Based Missile Force Australia
Austrian Land Based Missile Force Austria
Azerbaijani Land Based Missile Force Azerbaijan
Bangladesh Land Based Missile Force Bangladesh
Belarusian Land Based Missile Force Belarus
Belgian Land Based Missile Force Belgium
Bolivian Land Based Missile Force Bolivia
Bosnia and Herzegovina Land Based Missile Force Bosnia and Herzegovina
Brazilian Land Based Missile Force Brazil
British Land Based Missile Force United Kingdom
Bulgarian Land Based Missile Force Bulgaria
Canadian Land Based Missile Force Canada
Chadian Land Based Missile Force Chad
Chilean Land Based Missile Force Chile
Colombian Land Based Missile Force Colombia
Croatian Land Based Missile Force Croatia
Cuban Land Based Missile Force Cuba
Czech Republic Land Based Missile Force Czech Republic
Democratic Republic of the Congo Land Based Missile Force Democratic Republic of the Congo
Ecuadorian Land Based Missile Force Ecuador
Egyptian Land Based Missile Force Egypt
Estonian Land Based Missile Force Estonia
Ethiopian Land Based Missile Force Ethiopia
Finnish Land Based Missile Force Finland
French Land Based Missile Force France
Georgian Land Based Missile Force Georgia
German Land Based Missile Force Germany
Guatemalan Land Based Missile Force Guatemala
Hellenic Land Based Missile Force Greece
Hungarian Land Based Missile Force Hungary
Indian Land Based Missile Force India
Indonesian Land Based Missile Force Indonesia
Iraqi Land Based Missile Force Iraq
Islamic Republic of Iran Land Based Missile Force Iran
Israeli Land Based Missile Force Israel
Italian Land Based Missile Force Italy
Japan Land Based Missile Force Japan
Kazakh Land Based Missile Force Kazakhstan
Kenya Land Based Missile Force Kenya
Korean People's Land Based Missile Force North Korea
Kuwaiti Land Based Missile Force Kuwait
Kyrgyz Land Based Missile Force Kyrgyzstan
Land Based Missile Force of the Ivory Coast Ivory Coast
Laosian Land Based Missile Force Laos
Latvian Land Based Missile Force Latvia
Lebanese Land Based Missile Force Lebanon
Lithuanian Land Based Missile Force Lithuania
Madagascar Land Based Missile Force Madagascar
Malaysian Land Based Missile Force Malaysia
Mexican Land Based Missile Force Mexico
Mongolian Land Based Missile Force Mongolia
Myanmar Land Based Missile Force Myanmar
Nepali Land Based Missile Force Nepal
New Zealand Land Based Missile Force New Zealand
Nigerian Land Based Missile Force Nigeria
Niger Land Based Missile Force Niger
Norwegian Land Based Missile Force Norway
Oman Land Based Missile Force Oman
Pakistan Land Based Missile Force Pakistan
Panamanian Land Based Missile Force Panama
People's Liberation Army Land Based Missile Force China (PRC)
Peruvian Land Based Missile Force Peru
Philippine Land Based Missile Force Philippines
Polish Land Based Missile Force Poland
Portuguese Land Based Missile Force Portugal
Qatari Emiri Land Based Missile Force Qatar
Republic of China Land Based Missile Force Taiwan (ROC)
Republic of Korea Land Based Missile Force South Korea
Republic of the Congo Land Based Missile Force Republic of the Congo
Romanian Land Based Missile Force Romania
Royal Bahraini Land Based Missile Force Bahrain
Royal Cambodian Land Based Missile Force Cambodia
Royal Danish Land Based Missile Force Denmark
Royal Jordanian Land Based Missile Force Jordan
Royal Moroccan Land Based Missile Force Morocco
Royal Netherlands Land Based Missile Force Netherlands
Royal Thai Land Based Missile Force Thailand
Russian Land Based Missile Force Russia
Saudi Arabian Land Based Missile Force Saudi Arabia
Serbian Land Based Missile Force Serbia
Singapore Land Based Missile Force Singapore
Slovak Land Based Missile Force Slovakia
Slovenian Land Based Missile Force Slovenia
South African Land Based Missile Force South Africa
South Sudanese Land Based Missile Force South Sudan
Soviet Land Based Missile Force (1990) Soviet Union (1990)
Spanish Land Based Missile Force Spain
Sri Lanka Land Based Missile Force Sri Lanka
Sudanese Land Based Missile Force Sudan
Swedish Land Based Missile Force Sweden
Swiss Land Based Missile Force Switzerland
Syrian Arab Land Based Missile Force Syria
Tajik National Land Based Missile Force Tajikistan
Tunisian Land Based Missile Force Tunisia
Turkish Land Based Missile Force Turkey
Turkmen Land Based Missile Force Turkmenistan
Ugandan Land Based Missile Force Uganda
Ukrainian Land Based Missile Force Ukraine
United Arab Emirates Land Based Missile Force United Arab Emirates
United States Land Based Missile Force United States
Uzbekistan Land Based Missile Force Uzbekistan
Venezuelan Land Based Missile Force Venezuela
Vietnam People's Land Based Missile Force Vietnam
Yemeni Land Based Missile Force Yemen
Zimbabwe National Land Based Missile Force Zimbabwe

Database sources: The Military Balance 2017,, CIA World Factbook, as well as other online sources.