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Minor Naval Combatant Collections

United States Navy
Russian Navy
People's Liberation Army Navy
Indian Navy
Royal Navy
French Navy
Republic of Korea Navy
German Navy
Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force
Turkish Naval Forces
Israeli Navy
Indonesian Navy
Royal Australian Navy
Royal Canadian Navy
Republic of China Navy
Italian Navy
Pakistan Navy
Egyptian Navy
Polish Navy
Royal Thai Navy
Vietnam People's Navy
Brazilian Navy
Islamic Republic of Iran Navy and Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy
Swedish Navy
Ukrainian Navy
Republic of Singapore Navy
Algerian National Navy
Royal Saudi Navy
Mexican Navy
South African Navy
Royal Norwegian Navy
Royal Malaysian Navy
Korean People's Navy
Royal Netherlands Navy
Spanish Navy
Royal Danish Navy
Philippine Navy
Nigerian Navy
Syrian Navy
Chilean Navy
Myanmar Navy
Argentine Navy
Finnish Navy
Royal Moroccan Navy
United Arab Emirates Navy
Peruvian Navy
Colombian Navy
Bangladesh Navy
Belgian Naval Component
Romanian Naval Forces
Portuguese Navy
Tunisian National Navy
Hellenic Navy
Croatian Navy
Bolivarian Navy of Venezuela
Azerbaijani Navy
Royal Jordanian Navy
Kazakh Navy
Bulgarian Navy
Kenya Navy
Royal Navy of Oman
Kuwaiti Navy
Ecuadorian Navy
Sri Lanka Navy
Angolan Navy
Qatari Emiri Navy
Yemeni Navy
Royal New Zealand Navy
Royal Bahrain Naval Force
Lebanese Navy
Latvian Naval Forces
Bolivian Naval Force
Turkmen Navy
Lithuanian Naval Force
National Navy of Guatemala
Royal Cambodian Navy
Navy of the Ivory Coast
Democratic Republic of the Congo Navy
Republic of the Congo Navy
Slovenian Navy
Albanian Naval Force
Cuban Main Navy
Madagascar Navy
Lao People's Navy
Estonian Navy
Iraqi Navy
Soviet Navy (1990)

Database sources: The Military Balance 2018,, CIA World Factbook, as well as other online sources.